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ECON X499.11 - Financial Crises



About the Course

Managing economic fluctuations can be one of the most vexing challenges facing decision makers, especially since unexpected shifts can dilute even the best laid business plans.  This course employs actual case studies to explore how business cycles influence economic activity and portfolio performance, which industrial sectors can make the most sense, and which to avoid at the various stages, and how authorities apply Monetary and Fiscal Policy to smooth cycle disruptions.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the various stages of business cycles and their potential triggers

  • Analyze causation theories of business cycles and how investment professionals adjust their portfolios as they attempt to capitalize on them

  • Recognize how cycles can lead to crises and what governmental actions have been taken to reduce or aggravate their impact


ECON X499.1, ECON X499.2, and ECON X499.4 with a grade C or better.


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