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ECON X499.16 - Fixed Income Fundamentals



About the Course

In this Fixed Income Fundamentals course, we will introduce key fixed income terms and risk metrics such as coupon, yield and duration. Students will review the global sectors of the bond market, including treasuries and agencies, municipals, securitized and corporate bonds. We will examine yield curves and credit spreads. Students will learn how to calculate bond prices through their discounted cash flows of coupons and other metrics. Finally, students will review the various applications of fixed income investing, including bond portfolio management.

Learner Outcomes

  • Be able to articulate the basics of fixed income investing.

  • Be able to explain fixed income concepts and market operations.

  • Articulate questions designed to gain insight into successful fixed income investing strategies.


ECON X499.1, ECON X499.2, and ECON X499.4 with a grade C or better.

Mike Trovato

Your Instructor

Mike Trovato

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