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The Dean’s Investment Group was launched in September of 2021. The Dean’s Investment Group is designed for select UCSB students who have received a certification for strategic investments to practice academic investing theory in a realistic environment with real world benefits and consequences. The DIG is a bridge between academic investing theory and the practical workings of real-world capital markets. The DIG gives students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the investing world and interact with professionals in the investment arena.

The UC Santa Barbara Dean’s Investment Fund, established through generous support from alumni, department supporters and the business community, is designed to provide UCSB undergraduates an opportunity to interact with professionals in the investment arena and give students invaluable first-hand experience as part of the investment team. 

Every Winter Quarter, a select group of students are offered interviews for internship positions with the DIG, and 10 are ultimately selected to join the group until their graduation. During their tenure, students on the DIG are engaged in a demanding curriculum that includes designing investment strategy, developing economic and industry outlooks, selecting an asset allocation, and conducting market research and in-depth sector and company analysis.

The fellows meet with Professor Susan Grover on a biweekly basis to discuss the capital
markets, the state of the economy, and the performance of the Fund. The fellows meet with the DIG advisory board twice every quarter to pitch investment ideas, present the performance of the fund, and provide a consolidated macroeconomic outlook.

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