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How to Join



All students must complete the 4 core courses of the Strategic Investment Program (SIP) before their participation in DIG officially begins, but they can apply before completing these courses.



Students interested in participating with the Dean’s Investment Fund must apply to be a member of the Dean’s Investment Group (DIG). DIG is comprised of ten to twelve student members selected through a competitive interview process.



Interviews for the following academic year will take place at the end of winter quarter. Each candidate will be expected to pitch a stock of their choice to the current DIG members and board.

How to Apply


An application form will be made available towards the middle of Winter Quarter.This will consist of basic personal and academic information. 


Find the form below!

Tell your story

Write an essay explaining how you will contribute to DIG, your relevant personal experience, and how participating in DIG fits into your medium-term goals. 

alomst there

If successful, you will be notified whether you have been invited to the interview stage no longer than 2 weeks after the application deadline. 

Stock Pitch

If selected, you will be asked to deliver a 5 minute stock pitch followed by a Q&A with a panel that will include faculty and members of the Advisory Board.

You're Early!

The DIG Application still has not opened. 

Fill out the form below to be notified when the application form becomes available.

Get Started

Sign up to get notified when the application opens. 

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